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At Nationwide Auto Finance, we are here to make purchasing your vehicle as easy as possible. To get financed it's very simple, because we finance everyone* all you need is a valid id, proof of residence (Utility bill, cable bill, cell phone bill, a bill that has your name on it...) and meet the required down payment for the vehicle.

All the financing is done in-house and we don't go through any third party. We don't run any credit checks and do not require pay stubs or a cosigner. If you're looking for a Toledo auto loan or a Toledo car loan, look no further. Nationwide Auto Finance will take care of your financing needs!

Nationwide Financing Bank Financing Reputable Credit Companies
No Credit Checks Credit Checks Credit Checks
No Application Application Application
Guaranteed Approval No Guaranteed Approval Guaranteed Approval
Payoff between 12-36 months Payoff 48-72 months Payoff 36-72 months
No interest Interest Scary Interest
Low car payment High car payment High car payment
Credit report relief Revolving debt on credit report Revolving debt on credit report

In other words:
Job loss: NO PROBLEM!
Divorce: NO PROBLEM!
Bankruptcy: NO PROBLEM!
Good credit: Don't pay that interest!
No credit: NO PROBLEM!
Poor credit: NO PROBLEM!
Bad credit: NO PROBLEM!
Low income: NO PROBLEM!
Fixed income:NO PROBLEM!
First time buyer:NO PROBLEM!
No pay stub:NO PROBLEM!
No cosigner:NO PROBLEM!
Social security: NO PROBLEM!


Our car payments are setup as easy as it can be for a quick payoff. They range between $200-$400 per month. We do weekly payments ($50-$100), and we also do bi-weekly ($100-$200) every two weeks.


On the date of the sale, we require 5 people that you know with phone number and addresses. Click to download PDF


For our financed vehicles, you need to carry comprehensive, fire theft and collision (Full coverage) insurance throughout the financing term, we give customers up to 48 hours* from the date of purchase to bring proof of insurance. Some vehicles will require Gap.

*This program is limited to residents of Ohio and Michigan, Proof of residence might be requeired, debtor has to be 18 years old or more.Not available where forbidden by law.*In Ohio, it is illegal to drive any motor vehicle without insurance or other proof of financial responsibility (FR). It is also illegal for any motor vehicle owner to allow anyone else to drive the owner's vehicle without FR proof. To comply with the FR requirements, individuals must maintain insurance or get a bond.