In-House Financing at Nationwide Auto Finance

Understanding Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) In-House Financing

What is Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH)?

In the used car market in the United States, Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) refers to a method of operating a used car dealership where the dealers themselves extend credit to purchasers of automobiles. Nationwide Auto Finance, a used car dealership in Toledo Metro OH, offers a unique financing solution, particularly for customers with bad credit or poor credit histories.

How Does Buy Here, Pay Here Work?

Buy Here, Pay Here dealerships offer in-house financing, which means the dealership acts as both the seller and the lender. Unlike traditional car dealerships that arrange loans through third-party banks or financial institutions, BHPH dealerships finance car purchases directly. This approach simplifies the process for buyers who might not qualify for conventional auto loans due to their credit scores.

Key Features of BHPH Dealerships:

  • In-House Financing: The dealership itself handles the financing, eliminating the need for external bank approvals. This is especially advantageous for buyers with poor or no credit history who may find it challenging to secure a loan through traditional means.
  • Simplified Approval Process: The approval standards at BHPH dealerships are generally more lenient. They focus less on credit scores and more on the buyer’s current ability to make payments. This makes it easier for individuals with bad credit to get approved for a loan.

The Benefits of Buy Here, Pay Here

Accessibility for Buyers with Poor Credit

BHPH dealerships provide a crucial service for individuals who might otherwise be unable to purchase a car. By offering financing directly, these dealerships make it possible for people with low credit scores to own a pre-owned vehicle, which can be essential for commuting to work, running errands, and maintaining a stable lifestyle.

Potential for Credit Improvement

Regular payments on a BHPH loan can help improve a buyer’s credit score over time. As payments are made on schedule, the positive payment history is often reported to credit bureaus, which can enhance the buyer’s credit profile and improve their chances of qualifying for traditional financing in the future.

Convenience of One-Stop Shopping

The BHPH model simplifies the car-buying process by providing both the vehicle and the financing in one place. This convenience can save buyers time and reduce the hassle of securing a loan from an outside lender. Nationwide Auto Finance offers unparalleled convenience for used car buyers through Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) In-House Financing.

*Under this program also known as “Buy Here Pay Here” in Greater Toledo OH, we don’t go through any third-party banks or lenders. Credit is not a determining factor and, in most cases, does not require pay stubs or a co-signer. These high-quality used vehicles could be paid off in as little as 2 years. All with no interest (for buy here pay here used car dealership program only).

*This program is limited to residents of Ohio within a 40-minute drive from our location, Proof of Residence might be required, and the debtor has to be 18 years old or older. Not available where forbidden by law. *In Ohio, driving any motor vehicle without insurance or other proof of financial responsibility (FR) is illegal. It is also illegal for any motor vehicle owner to allow anyone else to drive the owner’s vehicle without FR proof. Individuals must maintain insurance or get a bond to comply with the FR requirements.